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Be Brave Be Strong Go Forward

To Drift is to move aimlessly.
To Drift is to float and flutter and linger.
To meander, to slide, to stray and wander.

Drift No More! Go Forward!

We are talking about Online Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.

Drifting is most common and most dangerous. So is failure!

What about You: are You drifting?

It is better to suffer than to drift.

Far better distress in rowing than to sail with the wind.

Far better the difficult way than to go the easy way and drift.

Drifting consumes no energy.

Stop rowing and the wind will send us back to where we first began.

Compromise a little, let go somewhat, and the wind will send us back.

To generate zero requires no effort.
To follow and do nothing demands no strength.

Hard Work? Difficulties?
Yes, but this way leads to the Bountiful Harvest.

We know first hand. Yes, we lead by example!
Now we point and show you The Way.

It is quite easy to return to the old place,
But quite demanding of us to go forward.

Yes Yes Yes!!! Go Forward! Go Forward! Go Forward!

Now is the time to be faithful.
Now is the time to take action.

Now is the time to follow and do with focus and perseverance.

If you follow our instructions, do as we do,
Soon, Your Bountiful Harvest!

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