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Concentration – It is a wonderful word. It means we have the ability to focus on something long enough, and to think about something deep enough, so that we can maximize what we are working on.

Nobody has ever gotten the best out of anything by being ADD about it.

It does not help us if here then quickly moving mover to another place.

Find the one that you do well and stay right there. Do not try to do a lot of things well, none of us are that good.

But find the one thing, concentrate and focus, and stay right there to do it well.

People who have the ability to concentrate well get the most of what they are concentrating on.

What you concentrate on, the more you focus on it, the higher the return it gives you.

The big question today: What is it that you really need to concentrate and focus on? Why? Because this where you are going to maximize your return.

It is time to take action!


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